Meeting Notes 9/11/16

Meeting Minutes : 9/11/16

Attended By – Shriya, Nayan, Pranavi,  Jennifer, Pranav, and Ian.

  • We focussed on two things today
    • Teamwork pledge – making eye contact and listening well.
    • Core value – We have FUN !
  • Group A Made the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot follow a black line.
  • Group B did research on the project.
  • Teams had a 10 min. break in between where they played.
  • At the end, both teams came together to make a list of team names . More suggestions are here. We will try to look up more ideas and search the internet for inspiration . Few areas to look at are movies , phrases , sports teams, companies , acronyms, game devices, video games,group of animals, old full team names , song lyrics , music bands etc.
  • Pranav and his dad built the lego table today !


  • LME LEGO TEAM kickoff party on September 25, 2016 . Do sign up here.
  • We are going to apply for a grant and need Ian and Anannya’s parents need to complete the photo release form which is a requirement for grant application.
  • Please respond to an email from First Lego website asking you to register to our FLL team number 26343 .




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