Research Ideas


Attended By – Pranav, Nayan, Ian, Annanya, Jennifer, Pranavi, and Shriya

  1. Roadkill         Flashing light, Bridges and Tunnels.
  2. Bycatch         Light up path to escape.
  3. Therapy Dogs         Help kids read, offer comfort.
  4. Whale        sensors, speakers to make whales move away.
  5. Ducks on highway
  6. Poach Elephants / Temple         elephants donated to safe sanctuary.
  7. Wild Panda         People are cutting down bamboo, conservation of their habitat.
  8. Cats and Dogs          Litter box analyses to detect disease, prevent diseases in pets.
  9. Panthers       Endangered
  10. Blue Tang (Dory)            very hard to tahe care of.
  11. Creating an app to spread message about endangered animals.
  12. Bees         mosquito spray killing bees – natural.
  13. Parrots          Rehabitate old birds with no owners.
  14. Improving living conditions of zoo animals         excersize entertaining a cheetah by projecting hologram of gazzele so cheetah gets excersize.
  15. Bisons

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